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Why Stay At Sota Cappadocia

Because Sota Cappadocia...


SOTA Cappadocia’s stylish rooms are designed for maximum comfort while keeping their cave character intact. Outside, the large terraces have stunning panoramic views over Urgup and the surrounding rock formations; providing the perfect place to sit back with a wine, or a coffee, and take in Cappadocia’s epic landscape.

As you enter SOTA you are greeted by an old Cappadocian house with its traditional structure intact yet with a thoroughly 21st century finish. Working in conjunction with well-known interior designer Oytun Berktan ( SOTA Cappadocia has used Cappadocia’s unique geology and vernacular architectural aesthetic as an influence; capturing the soul of the region and yet providing every modern comfort. His design ethos incorporates the volcanic ash colours found rippling through the rock in the higher regions of the area to contrast with the softer stone colours of the caves.

At SOTA you will experience a contemporary version of troglodyte life.


SOTA Cappadocia is leading the way for sustainability in Cappadocia.

The hotel uses enviromentally-friendly pellet boilers for heating instead of the coal and gas alternatives that are normally used in the region and for hot water we use a hybrid system utilising solar-panels, pellet boiler and electricity. This solution both maximises guest comfort as well as energy efficiency.

Conscious that we are located in a semi-arid zone, SOTA Cappadocia recycles greywater to use for outdoor cleaning and plant watering to save water.

The hotel also endeavours to save energy by using timed light switches for outside lighting and supports Urgup Municipality’s recycling services by separating glass, paper and other waste.

Pelet is totally natural fuel that consists of substances such as sawdust, woodchips, nut, almond, walnut shells, straws and even wastepaper, which are first granulated and then compressed under high pressure.


Although design and technical infrastructure are all important, what gives a hotel its true spirit is the warmth and sencerity that welcomes you there. SOTA Cappadocia is a place where this warmth is apparant from the moment you enter until you leave. Nil and her team’s genuine hospitality will make your Cappadocia holiday unforgettable.

Sota Cappadocia Dereler Mah. Burhankale 1 Sk. No: 12 Ürgüp Nevşehir Tel: +90 384 341 5885 Fax: +90 384 341 5880 E-Mail:
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